How It All Began...part 1

Posted by Mariah Gage on

I remember going through an astronomy unit with 6 of my children when I first began homeschooling. I loved the content of the curriculum, but after a few chapters my children began to lose interest. The curriculum I had chosen was rich with information and I did not want to abandon it completely, so I began to create crafts for each lesson. After pairing hands-on activities to our science unit, my children began to become more engaged and looked forward to science each week the rest of that school year. They finished the unit with great works of art, an amazing notebook filled with projects and research, and most importantly were so proud that they knew all about their solar system! ​


After this experience, and a few more years of homeschooling, I was told by a great friend, that it would be great if I could box up what I did for my children and share it with others. The idea of helping other moms take so much planning and stress out of homeschooling, was something that made me happy. I loved to plan curriculum, I loved to homeschool, I loved to create, and I loved helping others, so what better way to bring all those together then in a fun box for kids. 

I had thought this idea over for another year, and thought could I really help another family make their homeschooling journey easier? Homeschooling is hard, and exhausting. If I could help a few families relieve some of the pressure it takes to homeschool, then I it would be worth the risk to open my business.

So I took a great leap of faith, and signed up for one of the largest homeschool conventions in California. It was my 20 year anniversary, June 13th 2018, when my husband and I showed up to the convention with just my idea! I had crafts in hand, that my children had completed throughout their school years, a very basic website, printed flyers and a handful of business cards, that I had prepared a few weeks before. 

Compared to all the surrounding booths, my booth was sub-par in presentation. I had a very small budget to work with, and just wanted to see how the idea would be received.

Well it was a success! I ran out of business cards and flyers the first night I was there, and began handing out my website written on wooden doll sticks, that I had used our booth for kids to color on. After that long day, I spent all night in my hotel room, fine-tuning my newly, self-designed website, that would be sure to be seen by hundreds that weekend.

After an amazing three days of connecting with hundreds of homeschool families, I had realized that my idea would be a success. I could really help so many families make their homeschooling journey something fun to remember, while making it so much easier on mom! This opportunity to serve so many families lit a spark within me! I was excited to see where this new journey was about to take me and my family on. 

I felt like a little girl with a dream, that was about to come true! Now the real WORK began to make this dream a reality!!



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