Ancient Civilization History

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Whichever Ancient Civilization or Ancient World History Curriculum you are studying, this 10-month crate option, will flow smoothly to enrich your child’s learning. Each month you will receive a new crate, each crate will include a book, writing prompts, and a variety of crafts that will focus on a specific place or person within Ancient Civilization times. All supplies and instructions will be included in the box to complete the activities. We do not ship scissors with any of our crates, so please have a pair on hand.


Series Includes: Ancient Egypt, King Tut, Ancient Mesopotamia, Indus Valley, Ancient China, Ancient Greece, Alexander The Great, Ancient Rome, Roman Colosseum's, Julius Caesar

Examples of crafts included in crates: Fabric Egyptian Collars, Wooden Frame Fit for a King, Life Size Sarcophagus Paintings, Mummy Wrapping, Early Jewelry, Wooden Carts, Painted Pottery, Clay Sculptures, Oil Pastel Pyramids, Town Planning with Bricks and Paint, Clay Tablets, Laws in Stones, Bamboo Tablet Challenge, Nile River Diorama, Ceramic Dragon Painting, Chinese Lanterns, Ancient Chinese Games, Ancient Pharaoh Profile on Canvas, etc.


Have more than one child? This is the perfect addition to your Crates! Your additional child will receive all the materials needed to complete their own crafts and writing prompts to complete. Your children will share the book and instructions, and all materials will be shipped in the same box.


Sibling Crates: To qualify for a sibling crate, there must be one same crate purchased at full price and each child must reside at the same address. Multiple Sibling Crates can be purchased for the same family.