Arizona State Symbols, Regions & Landmarks

Arizona State Symbols, Regions & Landmarks

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If you have a child studying Arizona State this school year, you will want to snag this Arizona State Symbols, Regions, and Landmark Box. This box includes 12 multi-sensory, hands-on activities for the State Bird, State Regions, State Flag, State Flower, State Tree, 6 Landmarks, and a final State Parade Float activity. This box also includes a 76-page printed unit study, great to learn all about the state symbols, regions, and landmarks of Arizona.


Box Includes: 

12 hands-on activities to correspond with the Unit Study

76-page Printed Unit Study on Arizona States Symbols, Regions, and Landmarks 

Everything you need will be included in the crate except the glue and scissors. You just open the box and get started.