United States History

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U.S. History is a fun subject to learn about! We have designed this crate to be an excellent supplement to any U.S. History Unit you are studying. The crafts in this series will cover the Colonial Times through the Civil War. Our books and crafts follow some of the major events in U.S. History, which are detailed below. Each crate comes with a book, writing prompts and 5 or more crafts to complete, all themed around the crate topic.

Series include: Early Explorers, Colonial Times, Revolutionary War, Westward Expansion, Transcontinental Railroad, and Civil War.

Examples of crafts included in crates: Wooden Ship, Hand Sewing Activities, Fishing For Food, Colonial Dolls, Invisible Ink Writings, Covered Wagons, Wood Railroad, Tracks Through Town, Civil War Drums, War Quilt, Battle Front Game, etc..

This crate has two shipping options: The entire US series can ship once or can be billed monthly for 6 months. Charter Schools need to order the ships once option.


This crate has worked great with multiple siblings or in a Co-op Setting. Sibling discounts will only apply to children in the same family.


Have more than one child? This is the perfect addition to your Crates! Your additional child will receive all the materials needed to complete their own crafts and writing prompts to complete. Your children will share the book and instructions, and all materials will be shipped in the same box.

Sibling Crates: To qualify for a sibling crate, there must be one same crate purchased at full price and each child must reside at the same address. Multiple Sibling Crates can be purchased for the same family.