ABC Literature Crate

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 Recommended Grade: Pre-K, T-K

An exciting crate perfect for your Preschooler, T-K or Kindergartner who needs more ABC help! Each crate will include a picture book that promotes the alphabet, or letter featured within the crate. Each crate includes over 7 crafts, each craft created using the letters featured in the crate. Writing sheets are included to help encourage the writing of each letter. The idea for this crate, is to create a notebook with your child's letter art, that they can look through over and over. Looking through their book with their art work will increase their familiarity to each letter. This crate is a 13 crate series, featuring 2 letters in each crate. If your child is working faster than one crate a month, feel free to let us know! We can work with you to ship multiple crates in the one shipment.

Save more when you buy more! Buy 12 crates get the 13th crate free! Free Binder with purchase of ABC subscriptions or ABC Packs.


Crate 1: Letters A&B

Crate 2: Letters C&D

Crate 3: Letters E&F

Crate 4: Letters G&H

Crate 5: Letters I&J

Crate 6: Letters K&L

Crate 7: Letters M&N

Crate 8: Letters O&P

Crate 9: Letters Q&R

Crate 10: Letters S&T

Crate 11: Letters U&V

Crate 12: Letters W&X

Crate 13: Letters Y&Z


Have more than one child? This is the perfect addition to your Crates! Your additional child will receive all the materials needed to complete their own crafts and writing prompts to complete. Your children will share the book and instructions, and all materials will be shipped in the same box.


Sibling Crates: To qualify for a sibling crate, there must be one same crate purchased at full price and each child must reside at the same address. Multiple Sibling Crates can be purchased for the same family.