About Us

Welcome to Homeschool In A Box!

​​I am so excited that you have stopped by and would love to introduce myself to you. I am Mariah, President and Creator of Homeschool In A Box Inc, mother of seven amazing and busy kids! My husband and I began our homeschooling adventure almost 7 years ago, and we have fallen in love with this new adventure that we are on. There is so much to learn in this world, and how amazing it has been to allow my children the opportunity to learn and explore as they feel inspired!  

I have always enjoyed creating in one way or another and have recently developed a greater love for learning. After attending college, I spent 2 years as a director at a local pre-school. Following my love for teaching young children, I opened my own pre-school and spent the next 4 years educating and teaching young minds. Upon the birth of our first child, I decided to stay home and focus my energy on raising my family, while helping my husband run and manage his local business. I am currently working towards my Masters in Education to further expand my love for learning.

After deciding to homeschool our children, I found that my children missed the little pieces of artwork that they would bring home from school. I missed the memory books that I had put together for years in my children's school classes, showing the growth of their writings and art work.  I took what we were missing and created supplements to go with our curriculum we were using. These crafts and pieces of artwork have made a great collection and keepsake for my children, and have brought fun into our daily learning.

We have had so much fun, that we thought we would share our crates with you! 

As a mother of six school age children, I know that all kids learn differently. One thing that all my children have in common is that they all love art and love to create. The beauty of creating, is knowing there is no wrong way to complete the activity! Knowing this has helped a few of my children excel in areas of learning by simply completing crafts to go along with the subject they were studying.

In each box you will find hands-on activities that are centered around the theme of the box. You will also find a few simple writing prompts that we have created to help your child reinforce what they are reading about. If you choose to throw them out and not complete them, that is okay! I included them as I loved having them to help get my kids excited about writing, and it also makes for a great work sample for your child to file away. 

I have crafted each box, so that any box you choose can be a great supplement with your current curriculum or a great stand-alone learning experience. The best part of our boxes, is that all supplies needed to complete the activities will come in the box! There is no prep work needed! There is no need to search or shop for supplies, just open the box and start learning. This can give you more quality time learning alongside your child, instead of planning the next activity. This can also give your child some independent work time to create and explore. 

We are constantly teaching our children, and thus are constantly adding more boxes. We have tried to make each box different, we try not to duplicate crafts so your child can enjoy new activities every year. If there is a box that you want to see, let us know and we will do our best to create it for you. 

Homeschooling is not as easy task, I can relate to this first hand! This is what inspired me to create this company to help make things a bit easier for you as you embark on your homeschool journey. All kids love to create, display, and be proud of their work. With our crates, your child can explore and learn as they create works of art and having fun while doing it. We hope you enjoy!