ABC Literature Box 2: N-Z

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 Recommended Grade: Pre-K, T-K

An exciting crate perfect for your Preschooler, T-K or Kindergartner who needs more ABC help! Each box will include a 198-page printed unit study to re-enforce learning and encourage writing the alphabet. It will include 2 activities per letter that are to be kept in a notebook, and 6 hands on ABC crafts for a total of 32 hands-on activities.

We designed this crate is to create a notebook with your child's letter art that they can look through over and over. Looking through their book with their artwork will increase their familiarity to each letter.

This crate is a 13-week unit study, and each letter has weekly pages and activities to complete. NO BOOKS ARE INCLUDED IN THIS CRATE, we do offer a list of recommended books that are great for learning the alphabet.