Ancient Civilization World History Box 1

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If you are studying Ancient Civilization History, this Ancient World Unit Study is the perfect choice for you! 


Box 1 covers Ancient Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, King Tut, Indus Valley, and Ancient China. This box comes complete with 12 weeks of organized study. It includes 12 pre-packaged crafts (1 per week) ready to make, a 67-Page Colored Printable Unit Study, with Informational Pages, Vocabulary, Writing Activities, and 6 additional Enrichment Activities, one for each week. Included is a list of recommended books for each week. No books are included with this box, the 67-page printed unit study is now included.   


Week 1-4: Ancient Mesopotamia

Week 5-6: Ancient Egypt

Week 7-8: King Tut

Week 9-10: Indus Valley

Week 11-12: Ancient China



Examples of crafts included in our Ancient boxes: Fabric Egyptian Collars, Wooden Frame Fit for a King, Mummy Wrapping, Early Jewelry, Wooden Carts, Painted Pottery, Clay Sculptures, Town Planning with Bricks and Paint, Clay Tablets, Bamboo Tablet Challenge, Nile River Diorama, Chinese Lanterns, Ancient Chinese Games, Roman Colosseum Diorama, Roman Cart and Soldier, and more.