Charlotte's Web

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Classics for the entire family

One of the biggest gifts your child can get is listening to you read. If your child struggles to read or excels at reading, these books were selected to be enjoyed by the entire family. After reading, your child can enjoy hands-on crafts/activities to encourage re-telling and comprehension of the book. Each box will include a book for your family to enjoy, 6 crafts/activities to compliment the book, and writing prompts to encourage learning.

Example Crafts: Canvas Barn, Clay Swan, Wooden Boat, Wooden Car, Tissue Swan, Glitter Web, Farm Book with Animal Paintings, Story Re-tell Puppets, etc. Craft items in each box will vary and include things like; watercolors, oil pastels, tissue, ceramic, wood, foam, clay, canvas, plastic jars, hats, aprons, shirts, paper, wood crafts to paint, fabric, bags, etc.