Advanced Reader Literature Crate

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Recommended Grade 6-8

To fulfill the many requests to add an older reading crate, we are excited to introduce our Advanced Reader Crate! The books selected for this crate, will be both challenging and exciting for your child to read. The crafts/activities will help your child keep the excitement as they get through these larger books. The writing prompts will encourage another level of learning, comprehension, and critical thinking. Each crate will include an age-appropriate book, 5-7 crafts that complement the book, and writing prompts to encourage learning and comprehension.

Example Crafts: Wooden Row Boat Craft, Island Diorama, Fairy Garden, Mosaic Pirate Ship, Canvas Secret Garden Door, Tinkerbell's Wooden House with Paint, Moss and Flowers, Toad's Wooden, Race Car, Characters in Clay, Wooden Raft, Mad Hatter Hat, Stopwatch on Wood, etc. Craft items in each crate will vary and include things like; watercolors, oil pastels, tissue, ceramic, wood, foam, clay, canvas, plastic jars, hats, aprons, shirts, paper, wood crafts to paint, fabric, bags, etc.


Example Crate Titles - The order of books may vary due to availability at time of shipping.

Wind in the Willows

Peter Pan

Swiss Family Robinson

Alice In Wonderland

The Secret Garden

The Jungle Book

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

..and more



Sibling Crates: Have more than one child? This is the perfect addition to your Crates! Your additional child will receive all the materials needed to complete their own crafts and writing prompts to complete. Your children will share the book and instructions, and all materials will be shipped in the same box.

To qualify for a sibling crate, there must be one same crate purchased at full price and each child must reside at the same address. Multiple Sibling Crates can be purchased for the same family.