History Surprise Crate

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Learn about some of history's events, people and discoveries in this 10 Crate Series. Each month you will receive a new crate, each crate will include a book, writing prompts, and a variety of crafts that will focus on a specific historical event or person. All supplies and instructions will be included in the box to complete the activities. We do not ship scissors with any of our crates, so please have a pair on hand.

Crate Series Include: Vikings, Pompeii, Panama Canal, The Wright Brothers, The Titanic, Benjamin Franklin, Pearl Harbor, Helen Keller, The Great Depression, Railroad. 


Sibling Crates: Sibling Crates are available for this crate series. Each child will share the book and instructions. They will each receive their own sports equipment and accessories. To qualify for a sibling crate, one of the same crate must be purchased at full price.

Save 50% when ordering a sibling crate. One full price crate, of the same crate, must be purchased to be eligible for sibling crate.