Holiday Kids2Chefs Cooking Crate

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Get into the kitchen this holiday season as you explore our Holiday Kids2Chef Cooking Crate. This is the perfect crate to get your kids in the holidays spirit and get your house smelling festive. This one-time Holiday Kids2Chefs crate ships until November 30th, so order today! Current Kids2Chefs subscribers will automatically receive this crate at the end of November. 

What's included:

  • Commercial Grade Cooking Tools
  • Cookbook
  • Activity To Accompany Crate Theme

Is your child ready to become more independent in the kitchen? Are they wanting to learn more skills to help them become better cooks? Subscribe to our monthly Kids2Chefs cooking crates. Each crate is packed for learning and fun! Our Kids2Chefs crates include a cookbook and commercial grade cooking tools that will last your child's culinary career. 

At the beginning of each month your child will receive a package just for them, to help teach a new skill in the kitchen. 

If you purchased our Ultimate Cooking Crate, this is the perfect addition to that crate! Your child will be able to use the cookbooks to build skills and create a perfect "Feature Dish" in their own restaurant each month.