Indian In The Cupboard

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Recommended Grade 4-6

This crate is perfect for your child if they have been reading on their own and are ready for larger chapter books. As the reading gets more challenging, so do the crafts, which is a perfect fit for your older child. Each crate will include an age appropriate book with five crafts to compliment the book, and writing prompts to encourage learning and critical thinking.

Example Crafts in our Literature Crates: Dream-catcher, Pipe Cleaner Long House, Tepee, Design and Fly a Kite, Carpet Bag, Paint a Canoe, Shell Bracelet, Build a Ship, Candy Jar with Clay Candy, Penguins in a Basement, Sock Donuts, Bird House, etc. Craft items in each crate will vary and include things like; watercolors, oil pastels, tissue, ceramic, wood, foam, clay, canvas, plastic jars, hats, aprons, shirts, paper, wood crafts to paint, fabric, bags, etc.