Marine Life Science Crate

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This crate is perfect for study of marine life, the ocean floor, waves, tide pools, sand and beaches, and all the fascinating animals that live within. This crate includes a beautifully illustrated 96-page printed unit study, with many facts about marine life. Each craft will correlate to the weekly unit study, to expand learning and spark further interest in your child.

This science crate will compliment any unit study on Marine Life.

  • This crate is larger than our monthly crates and will include a 96-page unit study on Marine Life.
  • Hands-on activities and crafts to cover aspects of Marine Life.
  • Writing Prompts and questions to expand learning.
  • Plenty of material to keep your child engaged through your entire unit study, this crate will last more than one month.
  • All crafts are in individual kits with easy instructions, except for the scissors and glue we have included everything!