Sewing Crate #1 -Hand Sewing

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We are so excited to offer a sewing curriculum for your children! The first Crate in our Sewing School series is our Hand Sewing Crate. This Crate was exclusively designed by Thimble Sewciety and is full of quality supplies picked to make sewing a joy! Sewing School, Crate 1 focuses on hand stitching, following instructions and safety rules to create fun and useful projects.

Included in this crate you will find a wonderful book, with many sewing lessons to learn from. We have included 10 pre-cut projects, each individually bagged, to correspond with a lesson from the included book. We have included quality fabrics, notions and materials needed to complete each project. In this Crate, you will find a Skills Binder, that you can use to keep your skills sheets in, as you work through each course. Finally, we have included a bag to keep your book and all your materials together. This is so easy for your child, just open the book to the page indicated on the project, and get stitching!

Skills Include:

  • How to thread and knot your own needle
  • How to sew a running stitch and a whip stitch
  • How to sew on a button

Projects Included:

  • Skill Building Samples Kit for your Sewing Skills Builder Binder
  • A Book of Needles
  • Apple Pincushion
  • A Little Friend
  • Draw-It-Up-Tote
  • Just-Right Pouch
  • Quiet Mouse
  • Hat Attack!
  • Superhero Cuff
  • My Very Own Apron
  • Scrappy Art Pin

Have more than one child? This is the perfect addition to your Crates! Your additional child will receive all the materials needed to complete their own crafts and writing prompts to complete. Your children will share the book and instructions, and all materials will be shipped in the same box.


Save over 50% when ordering a sibling crate. One full price crate, of the same crate, must be purchased to be eligible for sibling crate.

Sibling Crates: To qualify for a sibling crate, there must be one same crate purchased at full price and each child must reside at the same address. Multiple Sibling Crates can be purchased for the same family.