United States History Complete Set

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U.S. History is a fun subject to learn about! We have designed this box to be an excellent Unit Study on United States History. Our weekly Unit Study will guide you through each lesson and finish with a fun hands-on activity. This series will cover the Early Explorers through the Civil War. This Unit Study is perfect for grades 3-8 or fun for the entire family. BOOKS ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THIS BOX, OUR NEW PRINTABLE UNIT STUDY IS SENT WITH ALL ORDERS.

  • This box includes 28 weeks of weekly learning. 
  • This box includes an extensive week-by-week printed Unit Study.
  • 28 hands-on activities and crafts to cover weekly topics.
  • Writing activities are included within our printed Unit Study to expand learning.
  • Plenty of material to keep your child engaged through your entire unit study.
  • All crafts are in individual kits with easy instructions, except for the scissors and glue we have included everything!

Series include: Early Explorers, Colonial Times, Revolutionary War, Westward Expansion, Transcontinental Railroad, and Civil War.

Examples of crafts included in crates: Wooden Ship, Hand Sewing Activities, Fishing For Food, Colonial Dolls, Invisible Ink Writings, Covered Wagons, Wood Railroad, Tracks Through Town, Civil War Drums, War Quilt, Battle Front Game, etc..