Wetland Animal Science

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Our Animal Science Box focuses on a new Habitat or Biome, and the animals that live within. It is perfect for K-3rd grade! Our Wetland Animal Science Boxes come with a great workbook full of learning, fact sheets, writing and hands-on activites for animals that live in the wetlands. Your child can create a notebook for all animals that are included in the entire series, complete with artwork to go along with it. Some activities will store nicely in the notebook, some will not. We have tried to provide variety in the crafts/activities that come in each box.

Supplies and instructions will be included in the box to complete the activities. Please note we do not ship scissors or glue with any of our boxes. Books are no longer included with this box, now included is a weekly unit study guide.


Examples of crafts included in an animal science box: Sand Sloth on a Branch, Rainforest Diorama, Felt Chameleon on a Tree, Tiger with Watercolor and Tissue Paper, Clay Octopus on Painted Wood Circle, Grassland Animals Figures, Button Whale on Canvas, Painted Barn Birdhouse, Mosaic Turtle, Painted Wooden Snake, Camel on Canvas, Farm Animal Magnets, etc.