Woodshop 101

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Is your child wanting to learn more about woodworking? This box may be perfect for them! 

Our woodworking box comes with an amazing instructional book with safety lessons, how to use tools, and step-by-step project ideas. We include 3 pre-cut wood pieces under 12" x 12" to complete projects in the crate, as well as the needed sandpaper, paint, paintbrush, string. We do send a few tools with this box, which include a tape measure, a square (a measuring tool for angles), safety goggles, a small hand drill for kids (to complete wood projects in the book), a hammer, small nails to complete included projects, a wood clamp to secure wood to surface for safety, and masking tape.

The book is full of many projects, and we have only included wood for smaller projects, so it can ship well. The tools included can be used for so many additional projects if more wood is purchased, and the book details exactly what is needed for each project. 

We do not include any type of saw.